2018 American League East Season

2021-04-21 8:39 am

Season Notes

The Boston Red Sox are off to a torrid start to the 2018 season. Here are 10 amazing facts from the Red Sox historic start. Then, on April 21st the hottest team in baseball gets no hit by Sean Manaea of the A's.

April 29th and the Red Sox are the first to win 20 games.

The Yankees are off to a surprisingly slow start. Here's another article explained what's gone wrong with the Yankees.

May 5th - Yankees are rebounding and declared to be the best team in baseball.

May 8th - Yanks on an epic run to tie for first place. The Orioles? Not so much. Baltimore makes history in the worst way.

May 9th - Yankees run to first place better than the Red Sox.

May 17th - Here's a look at where each of the teams in the AL East stacks up with three-quarters of the season remaining

May 29th - The Rays noted as having a positive trend in a tough division

August 26th - In Praise of the Rays

Sept. 6th - Five Pressing Questions in the AL East

Sept. 7th - 'Ridiculous' Red Sox having a magical season

Sept. 20th - The Red Sox and Orioles are on pace to set an unusual MLB record

Sept. 21st - The Top 10 Red Sox Moments of 2018


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